Sorry, I have not written in a couple of days; it has been busy.  A wonderful family from st. Francis visited the other day.  I know that they are going to be ecstatic with their puppy.  The babies have been doing great with the potty training!  The accidents are just about non existent in the morning.  The puppies are like little Pac Man; everything goes in their mouths and they have very sharp teeth….ouch!  They are eating hard food now with out it being mixed with water and I have to say they eat a lot!!  They are so active; we bring them in from outside a couple times a day and then they go back out to go potty.  Tango (Kahlua; black & white, male) likes to romp around in the pen.  Dixieland Tea (Trixie; liver & white, female) likes to play hard with Cosmo Katie (Trixie; white & liver, female). Bahama Mama (Kahlua; black & white, female) lets us know when she needs to go out to go potty; I know her family will have a blast with her.  Bazooka Joe (Kahlua; liver & white, male) loves pheasant wings, he carries them around with his head high in the sky.  Whammie (Kahlua; black & white, male) is also doing great with the wings, he too like to carry them around.  They have loud voicees and they use them; we hardly have a moments peace here and, that is the way I love it.  They are so precious and it is wonderful to see them grow and develop into wonderful, cheerful, ambitious little puppies.  Charger (Kahlua; liver & white, male) is just a little guy with great big loving expressive “Springer” eyes…watch out he will be able to get away with anything with those baby blues.  Eliminator (Trixie; liver & white, male) likes to play with Diesel (Kahlua; black & white, male) who I might add like to chase Eliminator until Eliminator turns around and “gives” it to him…..  Like I said, who needs TV when you have your own little puppy soap opera unfolding right before your eyes.  Tim likes to take them out at night before bed time and sit in the grass next to the house and let them go potty; then he calls them and they all pile on him to get into the tote to go in…they don’t want to be left behind.  Captain Crunch (Kahlua; black & white, male) is quite the little puppy; he is very animated with lots of hunting potential…if I have my way I know exactly who should get him.  All in all it has been busy here with puppies and dogs and friends ( all the necessities in life you could say).  I played with the babies on the floor tonight in the kitchen and I need to wear slippers next time because my toes have about a million punctures wounds….not to serious, I should survive.  They are chasing around one of their rattles as we speak….those toys are loud and can catch you off guard when all of a sudden you hear a clash and are not expecting it but, the puppies love it….they love loud noises.  Mini is on break for right now, she is a little mad at me because she doesn’t get to train but, I have to wait until her foot heals from surgery.  SoBe is doing good.  Miata is getting a lot of yard work, especially the command, “come”.  She gets selective hearing in the field sometimes so, I am putting a stop to it before it gets worse.  Tyrael has been spending the nights out guarding our top steps to the second floor. Trixie roams the house at night; she has been unsuccessful as far as counter surfing (that is a good thing).  Ace hangs out with Tim as much as possible in the house.  Baker guards the puppies outside and sleeps when he is inside.  Mini and I are inseparable right now; I have to keep and eye on her to make sure she does not lick her wound.  SoBe spends most of her time laying down in the pool…she looks like a mop along with Kahlua.  Kahlua is excited to have SoBe around because SoBe like to play with her.  I find apples in their crates all the time….I have apple trees in my yard and Kahlua and SoBe like to “pick” them and carry them around…they think they are disposable toys.  Jimmy hangs outside in the dog house mostly sleeping and occasionally barking at the neighbors cat.  All is good in the Gorecki House….