I went to bed late last night so, I am extremely tired.  We had visitors this morning from Willmar.  They came and saw their puppy with their grandson.  We put the puppies back outside in their pen and Baker decided he needed to guard them through the fence…it was so cute.  He fell asleep next to the fence with his nose through the link and Whammie (Kahlua; black & white, male) had his nose pressed up against Bakers….precious!  The babies spent a bunch of time inside today.  Tim toted them in and out to go potty.  Less and less accidents on the floor and none last night in the crate.  Mini’s foot looks good after surgery….it was a little red yesterday.  Mini slept up by our heads where the pillows were last night and it worked great.  I did not feel like I was sharing the bed with a 90lb dog….she hogs the covers as well but last night was nice.  Jimmy is hiding in the office from the babies.  He is sleeping on his back with his feet in the air snoring.  He is very comfy.  Mini was upset that she was left behind today while I went to train in Brandon with our training group.  She pitched a fit.  Training went good today.  SoBe ran twice and Miata ran once.  Miata got about a 75 yard retrieve…pigeon; it was awesome to see, she nailed it.  SoBe ran good; I made some mistakes but, I learned from them today.  “Progression not Perfection,” Chuck Nelson; Doorcreek Springers.