Puppies in the Tub for the First TimePuppies played outside this morning; we brought them in and let the play in the tub for the first time and once you have them in the water it is just as easy to give them a bath so, we did.  TimDiesel (Kahlua; black & white, male) and Tim after bath and I are getting smarter about playing and bathing them in the tub.  We now form an assembly line.  He dries them first with one towel and then hands them to me where I dry them again with another towel.  I then throw them into the kitchen to play.  We take one out of the tub at a time so, we don’t have 11 very wet puppies running around in the bathroom drenching the place.  They are soooo fluffy when they are just dried after bath time…it is so cute!  Along with them being all squeaky clean, we took new puppy portraits for the website (under Trixie, Kahlua Puppies).  It is always the event to take new pictures because I only need two pictures for each puppy: front view and back view.  I end up with about 60 extra pictures that I don’t need.  They are not the easiest to capture on film at this age….they don’t still still at all.  It is like trying to take a picture of scenery that is flying by at 60 mph.  The good news is that Tim and I got it done!  What the accomplishment….now we will be back to tackle the task in a week.  The babies still had a little accident last night but, every night is getting better.  My little brother, Aaron, is going home today.  He needs to go back to my parents house and get ready for school.  I can’t believe that summer is about over and school is already starting….wow.  Tim and I will miss having him around; he is a great help.  The babies played in the kitchen for the rest of the day.  They are making great progress with their pheasant wings and rattles.  Mini is giving me the I am really tired look and wants to go to bed.  Good night, don’t let the bed bugs bite!