I took Mini into the vet this morning and it was confirmed that she needed surgery on her foot due to a Mini after her foot surgery....Surgery August 25 2008foreign body that was under her skin.  I was a little hesitant about it all but, it needed to be done.  She had the surgery and the vet has able to get it out…it was a piece of hard, dried, stem of some sort of weed or grass that is in the field…..it entered between her toes…OUCH! Mini is not able to run for 7-10 days and has to wear a Mediboot on her leg…she hates it but, it is a better alternative than the cone. The babies spent lots of time out in the sun.  They still had an accident last night but, it is getting better.  Tim came down last night to a screaming puppy; let it out, and then he came back to bed.  It has become second nature to us to get up with the crying babies.