I got to sleep in late today…my wonderful husband took care of the dogs and puppies this morning.  There was an accident in the puppy crate last night but, that was expected….it was their first time sleeping in it last night.  It is all part of the potty training routine. Tim hauled them all out this morning at 8 am.  We are going to get the babies on a set schedule so, things go smoothly for us and when they go to new families.  Aaron and Tim took the whelping box out of the kitchen today; JOY!  No more paper shavings all over anymore…I can give my vacuum a much needed break.  The babies played outside today.  Cosmo Katie (Trixie; white & liver, female) has been playing hard with Whammie (Kahlua; black & white, male).  Diesel (Kahlua; black & white, male) has been hanging out with Charger (Kahlua; liver & white, male) a lot, they like to sleep together.  Tango (Kahlua; black & white, male) has been having a great time with Bazooka Joe (Kahlua; liver & white, male); they romp and chase each other around the puppy pen.  Dixieland Tea (Trixie; liver & white, female) fell asleep in the food dish after everyone was done eating.  Ace, Trixie, Mini, and SoBe spent most of the day lounging with us inside today…it was a veg out day after all the activity of yesterday….I still need to find my lucky socks…..I can’t compete with out them!  My husband thinks it is funny that I am pitching a fit over a pair of socks but, you could say that I am a little superstitious.  Baker is going to sleep with Aaron (my little brother) tonight.  Ace had a great time being in the house today…he mostly stayed glued to Tim’s side.  Ace is the most happiest when he is with Tim.  Tim cleaned Ace’s ears today and he loved it.  Ace gets vocal when his ears are cleaned…he moans and groans leaning into Tim while he is wiping out his itchy ears…it is quite the event to watch.  Andy, Tim, Aaron, Ace, Mini, Trixie and I all watched a few episodes of Band of Brothers today….what a great series!  I am still exhausted and not feeling the best so, I am heading to bed.  I am taking Mini to the vet tomorrow to remove a seed from the top of her foot early in the morning so……I am going to find another warm dog to bring to bed and hit the hay….Tim and company will probably be up a while still.