The day started early for me, at 5:30 am this morning. I did have a little problem…I could not for the life of Mini and Katie Hunt Test Qualifying Score August 23 2008 me find my luck socks that I always wear for field trials and other dog events.  I felt a little nervous with out them but, I found another pair of pink knee high socks for the day and was on my way.  My friend Andy came with me today while Aaron wanted to stay at home with the older dogs and Tim went to the pet expo in Parkers Prairie.  The hunt test went good.  Mini and SoBe both passed.  I ran with 10 dogs and I believe only 3 dogs passed including mine.  I got to see all kinds of Spaniels work today…It was SoBe and Katie Hunt Test Qualifying Score August 23 2008great!  I met a wonderful gentleman and his wife that are into Boykin Spaniels.  I found out that he is very successful at Tournament Hunting Challenges…..his little dog is a 6 time national champion…how cool is that!  I am excited to talk to him later on in the week about tournament hunting!  Tim took all the babies along with Miata and Ace to the expo.  He informed me that one of Mini’s babies was there.  His name is Ace….we called him Adams when we had him.  I hear that he is doing great and they love him bunches….that is all that matters to me; that people love their new member of the family and that they are happy with them.  Tim took the puppies after the expo to Becker, Minnesota for some great people to look at them.  The people played and had a wonderful time!  Andy and I took Ace, Mini, SoBe, and Miata back to Cyrus after picking them up in Parkers Prairie.  Mini and SoBe were exhausted and rightfully so, they worked hard for me today.  Aaron did a great ob of taking care of the other dogs that were left at home.  Mini and SoBe hanged out with us in the house until it was time to go to bed.  Tim go back with all the babies and put them in the whelping box.  I believe that they stayed in there for all of 30 seconds before all of them where wandering around the kitchen.  Well, it was great while it lasted…the whelping box will go away and the puppies will now start their crate training.  Tonight is their first night.  I do expect a couple of accidents but, that is how they learn.  I am exhausted and so are my babies (Mini and SoBe) we are going to bed.  Way to Go Girls; You did it!