The day was great and full of activity.  The puppies are getting more and more active….in other words they Mark and his new puppy Diesel (Kahlua; black & white, male).are becoming more fun to play with and watch!  I had a wonderful family come and visit their new puppy today from Apple Valley (Apple Valley was actually my rival in high school; I went to Lakeville).  They got to play, cuddle, and ask questions.  Asking questions is a great thing because, I can help with anything they might need and I wont now what that is if they don’t ask.  The puppies played with pheasant wings again today.  Diesel got lots of attention..that is the families new puppy.  He is a great little guy with a wonderful disposition…I know that they are going to be pleased with him.  I am getting a little nervous for my hunt test that I have tomorrow;  I will be running Mini and SoBe. The test is at Rice Creek Hunting Preserve in Little Falls, Minnesota.  Tomorrow, Tim will be taking the puppies to Parkers Prairie for the “Pet Days” at Shooting Sports Outlet.  Well, Mini is giving me the signal that she would like to go to bed and I need to hit the sack because 5:30 am rolls around early in the morning.  Mini is with me and Jimmy is with Aaron.  Wish me luck!