The day was full of fun and exciting events.  The puppies are really starting to become independent.  You can tell what kind of mood they are in by looking at their tails.  Their tail talk is becoming more and more pronounced.  The puppies feelings can be interpreted by their activity of their ever moving and wagging tails….I love it…they are like little furry flags that just don’t stop!  Eliminator (Trixie; liver & white, male) and Dixieland Tea (Trixie; liver & white, female) were the escapees from the whelping box this morning…they both were wandering around the kitchen when I got downstairs this morning.  The whelping box is staying more and more clean everyday because the potty training is going well.  I think that on Monday the puppies will start sleeping in a kennel, hence, beginning their kennel training.  Dixieland is a little girl with some Tim with Dixieland Tea (Trixie; liver & white, female) in the kitchen...she is the escapee.  Summer 2008drive…just now in the kitchen Tim put her back in the whelping box twice, I put her back twice, and Aaron (my little brother) put her back twice!!  Smart little girl!  Aaron spent the day with Miata; he read his book today while she sat with him; I have to say it is the only time I have ever seen her sit still longer than 5 seconds.  Jimmy slept with us last night along with Mini.  Trixie I believe ended up sleeping next to Aaron in the office on the futon.  My little brother is sooo good with the dogs.  He can even tell them all apart;  which I might add is a pretty big feat!  Mini, SoBe, and Miata went with Tim and I to go train in Brandon with our training group.  Mini did good…no barking while questing for birds.  She had two pick ups (the planted pheasants did not fly, she brought them back to me).  SoBe had a shot bird for her first bird.  She was sent on the retrieve and brought back her second bird that was not shot so, I gave her a “ger back” and she brought me back the first shot bird.  I am very happy with her run today.  Miata did great; we quartered her and she trapped two of her pigeons and finally her third pigeon flew…it was shot for a very long retrieve for a little puppy but she brought it back with a BIG smile on her face and let me tell you there was a huge one on my face as well.  I did some get backs with Mini and SoBe.  It went ok….I am preparing for the upcoming hunt test on Saturday.  Tim, Kenny, and I then went to the lake and worked on water retrieves…it went awesome no complaints!  Mini is going to sleep with us…it should be interesting who else will be joing us in uor bed….Tim gets to pick the second and third dog that gets to sleep with us.  We have the family who bought Diesel coming for a visit tomorrow; it should be fun!  Wow, it is windy outside!More puppies in the whelping box...they are all there!  So mobile.  Summer 2008