Puppies spent the day outside….the weather was great.  The puppies are loving the grass and the wind.  Their personalities are really starting to shine!  Aaron feed them once in the morning and again in the evening.  Cosmo Katie (Trixie; white & liver, female) spent most of the day asleep in the food dish (it is a glass cake pan).  Whammie (Kahlua; black & white, male) sleeps by himself in the middle of the puppy pen while the other puppies sleep in the little doghouse.  The babies are little fur balls with very sharp teeth.  They are at the age that everything goes in their mouths.  Tim and I cut their nails today.  He crawled in the whelping box and I sat on the foor and we just started to grab puppies and trimmed their nails.  The ones that I cut behaved very well for me Bahama Mama (Kahlua; black & white, female), Bazooka Joe (Kahlua; liver & white, male), Tango (Kahlua; black & white, male), Eliminator (Trixie; liver & white, male)….Tim’s on the other hand were a little wownd up and did not want to sit still.  We used a finger nail clipper.  They are so active!  While Tim was sitting there in the whelping box he had every puppy biting and tearing at his jeans….every now and then he would yelp because on got through the denim and, like I said, their teeth are like little needles.  Puppies are very active dreamers by the way…they run and bark in their sleep. Mini and SoBe worked very hard today on water retrieves.  Tim and I first took them to the pond in town and threw a bunch of buoys.  Mini swam hard with some barking.  SoBe did great with lots of energy.  We then took them to the river where they had to retrieve across the river to land on the other side.  Mini protested a little bit by being vocal but…it went well.  SoBe did awesome!  I hope all goes well at the hunt test this Saturday, August 23.  Mini is snoring right now..she worked hard!  SoBe in playing outside still; I can hear her barking…she has a lot of energy!  I stepped on Trixie the other morning getting out of bed…I felt bad; she gave a yelp and moved.  Tim brought Ace in all wet to wake my brother Aaron up this morning; he was a little resistant to get out of bed.  A wet, active dog will make anyone move unless you are dead to the world.  Jimmy is wandering around the house and is being good.