The weather is gorgeous and the babies are out enjoying it.  We get up right away in the morning and load them into a basket and haul them outside before they wake up completely.  The puppies get dumped into the pen and they all go potty.  I feel silly at 8 am yelling “good potty” and clapping my hands but, it all needs to be done and I would like to add a lot of fun.  Cosmo Katie (Trixie; white & liver, female) is such a feisty little girl…she romps around in the pen by herself when all the other babies are sleeping.  Captain Crunch (Kahlua; black & white, male) played very hard with Whammie (Kahlua; black & white, male) today…they made me tired after watching them.  Tango (Kahlua; black & white, male) spent most of the day chasing The Eliminator (Trixie; liver & white, male).  The babies got to play with pheasant wings today; they loved it!  They ALL took interest in it.  My friend Laura helped me train Mini and SoBe today for the hunt test that I have coming up on August 23 in Little Falls.  We took both of the girls to the lake and Laura threw retrieves for me while I handled the dogs.  Mini was a little hesitant on the first retrieve into the water but after she felt confident she was crashing into the water with full force.  SoBe did awesome….she looks so funny when she swims…all you can see is her head and her tail (which is waging behind her like a rutter).  She loves the water.  Miata got frozen pigeon retrieves when I got home.  Trixie, Tyrael, and Mini are going to sleep with us.  Baker is sleeping with my brother Aaron, who is up for a stay.  The babies are getting more and more fun by the day!  This week Tim and I are going to introduce them to water…in the tub.  Mini is patiently waiting for me to go to bed…sweet dreams!