Well, it was the last day of the Game Fair and I was not there.  I am really bummed out.  I wanted to go but, Tim told me I had to stay home. Mini stayed with me and played “nurse,” not really but, she did try really hard to make me feel better.  Bless her little soul!  Tim took SoBe and Kahlua with him along with a handful of puppies.  I had a few that stayed with me and they got lots of attention.  Bahama Mama (Kahlua, black & white, female) spent a bunch of time sleeping in my lap along with Bazooka Joe (Kahlua, liver & white, male). I crawled right into the whelping box and handled them for a while…they fall asleep after like fifteen minutes of play. I played with their feet and ears.  I also hauled them out to go potty.  Tim informed me of all the great people he met and I am jealous.  Lady Jenna’s family came by theLady Jenna tent; they told Tim that she is the best dog they have ever had and that they could not be happier.  I am excited to say that they also did the one thing that makes my day….they brought pictures!!  I already downloaded them into my photo gallery.  I am so happy that they are pleased with there “baby”.  Tim signed us up for next years Game Fair so, I will be in the same place in 2009.  I am happy to report that the Game Fair this year was wonderful.  I am seeing more and more Springers and that brings a huge smile to face….the breed is amazing and the secret is out!