I did not go to the Game Fair today…I was not feeling good.  I have a wonderful husband who went for me and took care of everything that needed to be attended to.  Tim took Kahlua (momma to one of the litters) and SoBe with him along with a couple of puppies.  He reported that Kahlua was awesome and SoBe was a perfect angel.  Mini stayed home with me to comfort me….I have to admit she is my security blanket.  The babies that stayed home with me spent time outside in the wonderful weather and played.  Tim let me knowIndy Mae (Kahlua & Ace; Black & White, Female) that Indy Mae visited with the Appel family from Eagan.  I wish I could of been there to see her; Tim told me that she looks a lot like her momma.  Trixie, Tyrael, and Ace had full run of the house today and loved it.  They spent most of the time sprawled out in bed with me…..when I dont feel good I try and get as many dogs in bed with me….they make me feel better.  A wonderful man put a deposit on a Kahlua & Ace puppy….I am very excited for him; he is a guide and I know that he is going to be blown away with the natural talent and drive in his dog!  I hope that I can feel better to go to the Game Fair tomorrow….wish me luck!