Marks family with Morgan & Malibu Summer 2008 Game FairThe Game Fair today was awesome…I got to see more of my grown babies!!!  The Marks family visited with Morgan and Malibu (females, liver & white; same birthday different litter)….they could not decide between the two when they came to pick out a puppy and ended up taking two!  Like I said Marks little girl with puppy at Game Fair Summer 2008two are easier than one.  They turned out great….wonderful coats; well behaved, great with their kids and definitely looking forward to this hunting season!  I would have to say that they are the perfect size as well…way to pick em’ Marks family!  Galen also came to visit with his two boys that he Galen with CC and Pokey (Kahlua & Ace; black & white, males) Summer 2008 Game Fairbought last year; their names are CC and Pokey ( Kahlua & Ace: black & white, males).  They looked awesome; he had everything good to day about them!  He as well took two at the same time from the same litter.  They are wonderful proportioned with beautiful coates and amazing drive.  They too were very well behaved with all the commotion that goes on at the Game Fair; I was soooo impressed.  SoBe has decided to join me in the office while I am writing this blog. She is rummaging through Tim’s bag that he still has not unpacked.  I took four babies with me to the Game Fair today: Baltimore Bracer, Tango Cocktail (he was sold today to a wonderful young lady from Eau Claire), Captain Crunch, and Cosmo Katie.  Captain Crunch ( Kahlua; black & white, male) found a great friend today…there was a wonderful women across the way today that spent most of the day holding him…it was great!   I met a lot of awesome Springer people and look forward to meeting more tomorrow.  I am going to go to bed because 4:30 rolls around very early in the morning!