Puppies escaping from whelping box Summer 2008I had a few escapees today from the whelping box.  Dixieland Tea (Trixie, liver & white; female) was roaming around the kitchen this morning; she left a nice little paper trail…..the puppies are in confetti paper for bedding right now.  My house looks like New Years Eve everyday.  My friend Laura Laura and Captain Crunch (Kahlua, black & white, male) Summer 2008came over and consoled a crying puppy during breakfast….Captain Crunch (Kahlua; black & white; male).  I can hear the puppies from outside here in the office…they have strong lungs.  They howl and play…I have to say that I love all the noises that come with having puppies no matter how loud they are!  Diesel (Kahlua, black & white; male) escaped as well from the whelping box…they are all slowly but surely able to figure out a way to crawl out of their now very temporary home.  The babies spent time outside today in the nice weather.  I have them out on the grass in the shade…the area is shaded all day so, I don’t have to worry about them being in the sun.  Ace spent sometime with Tim today while I was out at Baltimore Bracer eating outside Summer 2008training in Brandon.  I guess that Ace had some really bad gas so Tim kicked him outside….we have a tendency to blame each other first if we smell anything questionable before we blame the dogs…..I would say about 95% of the time it is a dog that is stinking up the room though.  Mini, SoBe, and Miata all went to train with me today at the field in Brandon.  Mini did good except some barks on herPuppies in whelping box in kitchen Summer 2008 retrieve.  SoBe did good….I need to hold her a little bit long before releasing her for the retrieve.  Miata did great…I am so excited about her progress.  She is now getting planted pigeons and, she has a great flush.  I have no complaints when it comes to her….Progression not Perfection.