Kahlua in office Summer 2008The puppies are mobile and are outside today for the first time.  They seemed to like it.  The romped around and feel asleep in a large puppy pile.  Cosmo Katie (Trixie: white & liver; female) was the only one not sleeping; she was trying to squeeze out of the pen through the hurrican fence.  They were fed and watered…they mostly drink the water out of the food that we mix….they will keep doing that for the next couple of days.  After being outside we brought them in so the mommas could feed them.  They all got fed and fell asleep in one huge pile in the whelping box.  This morning when I woke up Cosmo Katie was sitting in front of Miata’s crate licking her through the door; it seemed that she got out of the whelping box and adventured across the kitchen to see her new friend.  Miata was a little amused; she mostly just wanted out for the day (Miata).  Late last night I heard a bump in the kitchen; I sent Tim down to see what it was and he found a black little baby wondering around the kitchen…he said it was dark so, he did not know who it Katie and Mini sleeping in office Summer 2008was and he was tired so…..he really did not care.  Tim took some pictures of Mini and I napping in the office.  I am going to train tomorrow in Brandon with our training group….should be fun!