The babies have teeth and are very mobile. They can crawl out of the whelping box now.  Tim and I put out the puppy pen today.  I think that they are going to start going outside very shortly.  We gave them puppy food soaked in water today.  They ate most of it and drank all the water; their tummies were so full; they looked like little baseballs under their fur.  The puppies are starting to voice their needs and mostly demands and when I say demands I mean demands.  WOW, they can get really loud!  Not just squeaking anymore full out shrilling cries….the kind that can make goose bumps appear suddenly.  Tango Cocktail (Kahlua, black & white: male) is a howler; he put his little butt down on the ground stuck his nose in the air and let the howl ring through the kitchen.  Bahama Mama Bahama Mama, Kahlua: Black & White, Female(Kahlua, black & white: female) spent most of the day playing with Cosmo Katie (Trixie, white & liver: female).  I crawled into the whelping box with the babies today and spent some time with them holding and playing with their feet and ears.  This is important so when the new families need to clip their nails or clean their ears they are use to someone messing with them.  Mini is at my feet right now waiting for me to take her to bed with me and Tim.  Last night Tim and I had four dogs in bed with us: Ace, Baker, Tyrael, and Mini.  They all slept great and I did not even notice they were there!  ALL the dogs were out with us tonight and did a great job of lounging in the living room with us; they mostly slept and had dreams….dogs are active dreamers like puppies.  Mini, Miata, and SoBe trained today with me.  Mini and SoBe worked on basic whistle commands and retrieves.   I am getting them ready for the hunt test coming up in a couple of weeks.  Miata is learning to sit and STAY on the hup whistle….she is a fast learner.  It sounds like my training group is going to train on Thursday….it should be good!  I can hear the puppies commanding the attention of their momma’s….it echos up the stairs.  I think I might need some ear plugs…….Puppies eating for the first time Summer 2008