It was the last day of the first weekend of the Game Fair.  It was a great day.  I got to see Mogan’s family from Buffalo Minnesota.  Morgan is a liver & white female out of Trixie & Tyrael.  Her family informs me that she is a great dog in and out of the house.  She gets to hunt a lot of grouse and pheasant!  I also met with Hope’s family today as well.  She stayed at home today; that is ok.  I bought new crate beds for the dogs today.  There is a new vendor that is selling them call Sporting Dog; I think that they are going to work great and stand the test of time against my dogs.  I also bought new dog collars for the poochies.  I am going to write a chart for my friends so they know which dog is which by the color of their collars.  I got to meet a couple of people who put deposits down on dogs as well.  The Belting family bought Bahama Mama ( Kahlua; black & white, female) they are very excited to add her to their family… I know that I am excited for them as well; they are getting an awesome little girl.  I also got to meet the Grund family from Willmar; they are also adding a new member to their family.  The Lindmeyer family also stopped by to take a look at was available for males….I think that they are going to be happy with who ever they choose….there is soooo many wonderful males to choose from!!!!  I personally like males because they don’t have a tinkle problem when they are scared like the little girls do.  They listen better and have an excellent demeanor.  I find that they are easier to train as well.  If you neuter them and have them as a house/ hunting dog they are wonderful!!!!  I also got another deposit on a female from the Terhark family of Shoreview.  These litters are awesome and I can’t wait until the babies start to develop animated personalities….it is going to be a great adventure with these litters; I can already tell.