OOPS...Missing some of the family! Gunner and Campbell Family. Game Fair 2008It was another wonderful day at the Game Fair.  I got lots of visitors; it was awesome!  I received a visit from Gunner and his family; the Campbell’s.  He is a tri color black and white male from Trixie & Jimmy; I sold him last year at the Game Fair.  He is a BEAUTIFUL dog with great proportions and a great demeanor…I could not be any happier how he turned out.  He gets LOTS of hunting in North Dakota with his owner.  I sort of cut off some of the heads in the picture….please forgive me!
Harrison and her family came to visit me as well.  She is a little over 2 years old, liver and white, female fromHarrison and Family.  Game Fair 208 Trixie & Tyrael.  She does great out in the field and has a great personality.  Her coloring and coat look awesome.  Her family spoils her so, I am very pleased.  Tim and I watched her for a little bit while her owners did some shopping at all the wonderful vendors we have at the Game Fair.
Jack’s family came to visit but, did not bring Jack….I was a little bummed but that is ok.  They said that it was a little too warm to have him walking around and I TOTALLY understand…it was an extremely hot day at the Game Fair today.  The Game Fair has lots of watering stations and hoses for the dogs which, is great for those dogs that did adventure out into the warmth today.  I hope they will send me more pictures of Jack.  Jack is a Mini & Sonny puppy.  I hear that he has his mothers disposition and his fathers drive….great; that is what I was looking for when I bred the two together!
I sold another puppy today to a family from Shoreview, Minnesota. I know that they are going to be very pleased with the puppy of their choice.
I also got a visit from some family members…..It was great.  My brother in law came along with Tim’s cousins, Uncles.  It was great seeing them all.  They came and enjoyed the shopping and of course the shooting that is available here at the Game Fair.
I got home tonight to find that the puppies have I swear doubled in size again and have gotten even louder than before!  WOW!  It is amazing what you miss when you are gone for a day and are not constantly checking in on them….I guess that they grow before my eyes and don’t even notice.  Well, tomorrow is a busy day and I have to get up very early so Good Night!