Jack with Phil.  Game Fair 2008I would have to say it was a great first day at the Game Fair!  I got to see my grown Harvest Hunter Springers and meet lots of new people!  Jack came and visited with his owner.  Jack was a Trixie & Jimmy puppy from Game Fair 2007.  He is a liver & white male…he has wonderful size and a great personality.  I am very excited on how he “turned out”.
Diego came and visited with all of his family and wow they are great people!  Diego is a Trixie & Jimmy Diego and Family. Game Fair 208puppy from Game Fair 2007.  He is a beautiful tri color liver and white male.  He has his momma’s intensity and did good last hunting season!  His family loves him lots; which, makes me feel great!
Echo & Jimmy Puppies with Dutton FamilyI also received a visit from Jimmy’s puppies.  I studded him out in the spring to a great dog named Echo.  They ended up having 10 puppies together; one of which was a tri color!  The Dutton family is wonderful and I am excited that they got the female puppy they wanted from Echo and Jimmy.
I sold a puppy to a wonderful family from Saint Paul today as well.  My puppies right now are not big enough to travel to the Game Fair so, I needed to have lots of pictures on my presentation board.  The family put down a deposit on a Kahlua & Ace black & white male.  I know that they are going to get a great puppy lots of wonderful times and adventures to come!
I got home today and trained Mini and SoBe on retrieves.  I decided to enter them in the Rice Creek AKC hunt test coming up in a couple of weeks.  I am entering them in the Senior division.  I swear the puppies doubled in size while I was gone!  I can’t believe how big they got while I was gone!  I left Trixie and Kahlua home with them while Tim and I were gone today.  They are starting to dream….puppies are very active dreamers.  Mini is at my feet right now waiting to go to bed so good night!