Who needs TV for entertainment when you have a box full of puppies in your kitchen?  Definately not me…the puppies are so funny!  Right now they can reach Kahlua to nurse if she stands; they are not that Kahlua puppy sleeping on back in whelping boxstrong yet so they sway to and fro until they latch onto a nipple.  Captain Crunch (Kahlua: black & white, male) looks like a little eewalk baby…so cute.  Tango Cocktail (Kahlua: black & white, male) likes to sleep in the corner of the whelping box.  Bahama Mama (Kahlua: black & white, female) is the most mobile pppy of the bunch right now, she can walk all the way across the whelping box no problem.  Kahlua puppy sleeping in whelping boxI did a little experiment with Kahlua.  I put one of her babies int he middle of the kitchen floor to see what she would do; she went over and picked it up and brought it back to the whelping box.  I then, took one of Trixie’s puppies and placed it in the same spot, Kahlua went over to it smelled it and walked away.  I then took another one of her puppies and placed it int he same spot again.  She went over to it picked it up and carried it back to the whelping box.  I guess she know her babies from Trixie’s (they are all together in the whelping box).  Mini got a hair cut today; she is much cooler with her hair shaved; I did however leave her ears long. Tyrael also got a hair trim today.  Tim made it home and is here to stay (at least for a little bit)!  I am so excited to have him home.  My friends Laura and Andy helped me emensly with my Game Fair stuff I needed to get done….I could not of done it with out them.  They are the best!  Jimmy, Baker, and Kahlua are hanging out in the house right now with TIm, Aaron, and I.  Tyrael and Tim, Baker, Jimmy, and Kahlua hanging out in the office 2008Mini spent most of the day inside as well.  Miata got a training lesson from Tim on the electric fence…she still made it over; smart little girl, she found the only dead spot in the 250 feet of fence.