The babies are on the move….when the momma’s leaping into the whelping box (normally with gusto thinking they are safe from my scolding) the puppies shimmy over to them for a meal.  All of the babies have their eyes open now and they are starting to clear up.  You can find me and my friends joyfully saying “I can see you” while cradling a puppy.  Cosmo Katie (Trixie: white & liver, female) sat on her little bottom and let Kahlua & Trixie puppies sleeping in whelping boxout the cutest little howl.  Baltimore Bracer seemed not to get comfortable because he was pitching a LOUD fit walking around until he found some siblings and plopped down on them….he was asleep in seconds.  The puppies are definitely getting more vocal…..they announce quite loudly that they are hungry or that momma got up to fast and they were not done eating.  Bazooka Joe (Kahlua: liver & white, male) is adorable; he sleeps with is tongue sticking out.  Mini is hanging out with me; she is very well behaved in the house unlike Trixie and Kahlua who decided to eat a stick of butter that I had left on the counter…I should of known better; they are pro’s when it comes to counter surfing.  They also decided to get into the trash and share it with everyone.  Miata is on time out because she can jump over the fence.  I am waiting for Tim to get home to train her on the electric fence.  SoBe, Miata, and Mini all got basic yard work today….a solid base is the key to being successful in the field or field trialing.  Miata gets lots of frozen pigeon retrieves; Mini and SoBe worked on retreives and basic whitsle commands.