Let the games begin!!!  The puppies are getting their land legs and are trying out their vocal cords.  These are the babies that have their eyes open: Cosmo Katie, Diesel, Tango Cocktail, Charger, Bazooka Joe, Captain Crunch, Bahama Mama, The Whammie, and Baltimore Bracer.  No it is not your imagination I did name all of them after drinks in traditional Harvest Hunter fashion.  Charger (Kahlua, liver & white: Male) is sooo cute; I have to say right now he is the cutest….I know that I will change my mind about a million time over the next 6 weeks but, that is ok.  Captain Crunch (Kahlua, black & white: Male) is a tuff guy; I picked him up and he let out a very scary growl.  While I was holding Bahama Mama (Kahlua, black & white: female) she let out the most precious yawn…it makes me want to just snuggle her even more.  My little brother is staying with me

Trixie & Kahlua with puppies in whelping box located in the kitchen

and he is giving all the puppies soooo much attention on top of all the attention I give them.  Tim is coming home in a couple of days; I am so excited, he has been gone since late February.  He is coming home with an injury that is going to require major surgery and 4 months of recovery but, at least he will be home from “playing” Army..he is a 2nd Lieutenant.
Trixie and Kahlua have full run of the house right now and are enjoying every minute of it.  The babies are in a whelping box in the kitchen so, I have to make sure that there is NOTHING on the counters that might entice the professional counter surfers.  The other dogs are outside enjoying the weather and are keeping col in their pool.  Jimmy, Ace, and Baker spend a lot of time splashing around and laying in the water. I need to fill the pool about everyday.
Mini, SoBe, and Miata are all doing great with their training.  The other day I had them out in the field on live birds.  SoBe and Mini got roosters and did good.  Miata got flier pigeons put down for her and she did wonderful.  She chased great and made a wonderful retrieve.  Today I did yard work with all of them.  SoBe and Mini worked on basic stuff and retrieving.  Miata got frozen pigeon retrieves and worked on “hupping”.  It is all coming along…I can’t complain…the only thing I complain about is the humidity and the heat.

Remember to run/ train your dogs when it is cool out…..morning or late evening!