Well, the last couple of days have been extremely hectic but, I MADE IT ( I would like to add with about 8 hours of sleep in 72 hours).  The babies are born.  Kahlua whelped ( July 20th) 8 puppies; 2 liver & white males, 5 black & white males, and 1 black & white female.  Trixie had 3 puppies (July 19th); 2 liver & white females and 1 liver & white male.  Kahlua decided to have her babies in my magazine tote in the bathroom.  I walked in and it looked like a news stand had exploded; she had shredded everything she could get her paws on.  I was a little bummed because I lost about 150 magazines but o well….it was for a good cause.  Trixie had her babies in the kitchen like a good dog; nothing was destroyed or ripped to shreds.  I tok the puppies in the next day to have their check ups and tail and dew claws done.  Everyone is healthy which I might say is a hugh reflief……I gave a Springer size sign when everyone was given a clean bill of health.  So, now the house is full of classical music and squeaking puppies….just the way I like it.  I love all the wonderful noises that fill my house when there is puppies; I must also add I love the smell ( yes, puppies smell especially when you have 11 of them in your not so big house).  The puppies smell so good like Christmas morning, you really can’t describe it but, it is there.  The older dogs are advoiding the kitchen like the plague.  The mommas are VERY protective.
Training is going great with the dogs.  Mini is doing well with very minimal barking if any when she is out in the field with pheasants.  SoBe is tearing up the field right now on roosters.  Miata is already on flier pigeons.  She got her first shot bird the other day; when she bought it back I had a little tear in my eye.  I am going down to Montgomery to train on Sunday.

Let the maddness begin!!!  20 dogs in one house should prove to be intresting!