The dogs are doing great. I know that I have not written in a while but, that is because I have been very busy working at the hospital and training dogs at every given opportunity. I have been putting the “girls” (Mini, SoBe, and Miata) on live birds at least once or twice a week and, of course there is yard work just about everyday. I trained today one of my friends helped walk while the rest of us trained; I really apperciate her help! I learned a very neat and important trick today to cease Mini’s barking today (she is still in a false pregnancy and her tits flap in the breeze…poor girl); it was great! Mini ran good and had good finds….I do find this thick green grass in the fields to be a little irritating but, you have to work with what you have. SoBe performed well; she is really learning to listen to the whistle and trust me as a handler. I NEED to run her in braces (another dog on the other side with a center line between) so she can learn about honoring the center line and not to poach across it. Miata quartered flawlessly; it brought tears to my eyes…her speed is great with just the right amount of flash….I am getting anxious to put clipped wing pigeons down for her and to start giving her some fliers. I always keep in mind what Chuck told me about training , “ Progression not Perfection”.
The other dogs are doing great. Trixie enjoys the swimming pool I filled up for them. Baker plays with Jimmy all day. Ace chills in the middle of the yard sleeping in the sun and if he is not doing that he is running the lap in the yard. Kahlua plays with anyone who will play with her and Tyrael keeps watch from his post up on the hill; he is like a majestic lion watching his domain.
Happy training and remember you can’t just expect to take a dog out of the crate for hunting opener and go……they need a little training and tuning up to be successful so….get out there and get them on live birds!