Baker and Jimmy drove me crazy today…I sleep during the day and work at night so I get to be home with dogs during the day and take care of them.  Jimmy and Baker had an eight hour bark fest while chasing each other.  I decided after getting only an hour of sleep at a time to put Baker inside with Trixie and Kahlua and the barking stopped.  Jimmy and Baker feed off of each other…while Jimmy was at his “girlfriends” house not to long ago Baker was quite as a mouse…it was great; I got great sleep those days.  Trixie and Kahlua were in their crates for a couple of hours while Baker was inside.  Trixie and Kahlua destroyed a water pitcher today.  Trixie can reach stuff off of the shelf in the dog room and today decided to obliterative my nice water pitcher; you know the hard clear plastic kind.  I was mad……I have to add that Kahlua helped her in the act of defiance as well.  Ace, Tyrael, Jimmy, Mini, Miata, and SoBe played outside with each other all day, quietly I might add.  I loaded up Mini, SoBe, and Miata and headed to training with Kenny, Missy, and Odie.  I did stop to get more pheasants for the wonderful Dahlseng family in Starbuck.  Odie did good, we quartered him up the field and threw clip wing pigeons for him so he could “hup” when he say them and heard the whistle.  I think we need to add the gun next time.  Mini barked once when I cast her off.  She trapped her birds so, I threw one for her and Kenny shot it; she whined a little on the take off for the retrieve but not bad at all.  I have also realized that she is in a false pregnancy…..I am a little annoyed because I gave her pills to prevent this from happening.  SoBe had great finds today.  She flushed her first bird, Kenny shot it, and she made the retrieve.  The second bird she trailed off the course threw a thicket that we could not get through.  She flushed the bird and stayed steady.  I called her back in and she caught wind of it again and ran it into a swamp where she splashed around for a while until I said enough is enough….plus I was a little tired and wanted to get going.  Miata quartered good today as well. She is getting the hang of it; it is very exciting.  I was watching TV in Tim’s favorite chair and Mini kicked me out so now I am blogging about the day.  I hope all of you have a wonderful day….enjoy the weather!  Get out and train!