The mosquitos are out!  Remember your Heartguard!
The weather was great.  The older dogs spent the day outside basking in the sun while Trixie and Kahlua were inside (they are a little irritated with me right now because they are inside).  I tried breeding Kahlua to Ace today but, she is not quite ready so, hopefully tomorrow will be his “lucky” day.  I ordered a clipper for the dogs today from  I have decided to shave them all down for the summer.  I have never done that before but, I think it will help them stay cooler in the summer months.  I also ordered crate colling fans for the crates in the Jeep so, the dogs when they are traveling can stay nice and cool besides the air conditioner.  Baker has been a pill today; all he wanted to do is chase Jimmy and bark.  I have a bark collar for him but, I need to charge it up again.  I went and trained in Brandon with Kenny and his wife Missy (she is awesome).  His dog Odie is in the process of being steadied; so we worked on that.  I think when we add the gun to the equation that his “follow” through will stop and he will “hup” on a dime.  We quartered Miata and she did great in fact we did it twice; she is such a happy go lucky puppy.  SoBe ran the course and had a clip wing pheasant at the end; she did good.  We also rolled in a pheasant for her; she is learning to carry them in her mouth, they are still a little awkward for her.  Mini found the escaped bird twice and then trapped it.  We threw it up for her but, it did not want to fly; I wanted to give her a retrieve for all her hard work.  I cast her off one more time and she barked so, she got put away. Training went great and I am happy that I can train now in the middle of the week with live birds instead of only when I get down to Bill’s in Montgomery. Kenny, Missy and I are going to train tomorrow as well.
Happy Training!