It is getting warm outside; make sure to keep your windows rolled down and your dogs watered if left in a vehicle!
The dogs are enjoying the warm weather; it is time to take out their swimming pool and fill it up. I am thinking about getting something a little more heavy duty than the kiddy pool I have been using the last couple of years. I have my eye on a cattle trough with a drain on the side; I know that it would definitely be easier to drain than the kiddy pool and keep clean. I am also going to shave the dogs for the summer. I have never done it before but, I want them to stay nice and cool in the warm/ hot weather. Trixie and Kahlua are in heat so, I will be breeding Kahlua here shortly. Mini and SoBe ran in the field today. I ran them on planted frozen birds and they both did good. I did, however, put Mini away after she started barking; it is going to be the “maker or breaker” in field trials this fall. SoBe had fun and listened great; she is getting better about paying attention to me and the whistle which, I might say is very nice! I have more control over her when she listens and I can get her to cover the course better. Miata did her retrieves in the field today and did great; she delivers straight to me like an UPS truck. She is also learning that the trill whistle means come and that one short whistle is “hup”. She runs great with the wind already. I have plans to train with Kenny from Alexandria with Sunday and Monday. It should be productive; he is in the process of steadying his puppy right now. The older dogs got smoked knuckles to chew on today; they enjoyed them greatly. I hope to start taking them to the lake as soon as the water warms up a little more. I am also hoping on building them a “dog deck” for the yard so, they have something to lay on besides the ground.