Today it was WINDY!!!!!  The big dogs spent the day in their dog houses occasionally barking at what ever moved managing to wake me up from my slumber.  I am on call and work for the next 12 days; night shift at the hospital.  Trixie spent the day inside because she is in heat right now and I really don’t want to breed her; she is very irritated with me right now.  I put Kahlua in a crate with her hoping that Kahlua would come into heat so we can have fall puppies.  Miata, Mini, and SoBe went out with me to the field and RAN.  I decided today to just let them run and have a good time.  They were all out in the field and Miata kept up with the big girls.  The girls did manage to find everything that was eatable, smelly, and gross; I spent most of the time telling them not to eat stuff but, over all it was good excerise for them and me; a little change in the routine. Miata  got her ears cleaned today which I might say proved interesting since she does not want to sit still for anything.  Miata did her pigeon retrieves and “hups” for me this morning before I went to bed; she did great!  She did manage to cuddle with me a little bit at midnight; I think that was accomplished because she is normally sleeping at that time so……  I am missing Tim terribly these last couple days; I hope the time goes by even faster…I want it to be August now ( that is when he comes back) !!!