Happy Mother’s Day!!  Did you remember to get your mother something special?

Well, the rain has gone away and it was a sunny day today.  The dogs enjoyed being outside in the warm sunshine.  Miata did her retrieves this morning with a frozen pigeon; she did great.  I took her to Bill’s the other day and did some training.  I gave her a clip wing pigeon and she loved it.  She retrieved it perfectly to me.  Randy and Bill helped quarter her with me in the field and she did good for her first time.  She delivered her birds to me like a delivery truck (UPS is her mom).  Mini and SoBe did good at Bill’s the other day as well.  Mini did not bark or make any noise so, I am very happy with that.  SoBe did ok.  She trapped all her birds so, when the last one was a flyer and she broke on it.  So, I gave her another one later on in the day and that bird did not fly so, I had Randy throw one for her and I held her for a good 10 seconds and she did good.
I found private land to train on not far from my house.  The family who is letting me use are awesome people; I am so excited to have access to such a great piece of land.  Mini and SoBe trained out there with me today.  I dry ran them on planted frozen pheasants.  They both ran good with no barking or complaints.  Miata ran out in the field; we took a little walk together and she naturally runs with the wind; it is great!  She still doesn’t feel to comfortable being to far away from me but, she will grown and she will be a handful to keep in gunning distance.  Trixie was in the house today with me and decided to counter surf where she found a bag of shredded cheese that was not even an hour old.  I was wondering why she was being so quite.  I found her and the bag in a crate; she gave me the “I didn’t do anything wrong” look and I just shrugged my shoulders and picked up the mess.  I do have to day I should of known better.  Crates where vacuumed and washed today, the dogs had a good inch of dirt in them because of the mud from yesterday’s rain.  I hope no more Rain!!!