It is FRONTLINE time! The ticks are out so, make sure to apply Frontline to your dogs if only for this month.
Katie and Miata Last night I put Miata in with Baker and she slept great! No complaints; she just snuggled in with Baker and was happy. Baker did not mind because he prefers to sleep with another dog in his crate; Jimmy normally sleeps with him in the extra large crate. Jimmy is going to stay with his “girlfriend” for a couple more days; I am a little bummed out but, that is ok, he will be back soon. Miata did her retrieves this morning and did a great job. She is “hupping” good too. Mini and SoBe had retreives as well. I am running out of shells for my buoy launcher so, I will need to get some more very soon. The girls did good. Mini did not make a sound. SoBe made a little noise when I cast her off but, to her defense she was not in a field and there was really no where to run. Ace on the other hand was a PAIN in my butt today. He broke on the first retrieve and did not take well to the correction I gave him; he protested hard core. I only gave him a couple more retreives after that and put him away because I was frustrated with him. Remember it is better not to train than to train frustrated! Tomorrow I am going to put a collar on him and have it ready to go if he decides to break again tomorrow on a retrieve (I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he was going to be good but, I guess not!). The dogs got smoked knuckles from thePeter butcher and enjoyed them. They were the size of catalope…..huge! Believe it or not the knuckles smell really good. Peter came over and watched me train the dogs and played with Miata while I did. He helped me take some pictures with her.