This morning I gave Miata retreives; all frozen pigeons and she did great!  She “hupped” for me as well for treats.  She is a very intentive puppy with a lot of energy!!  She is always ready to go!  I also have to say she is very vocal but, it is getting better.  I left her with Kahlua today because I went to St. Cloud to stud Jimmy out to a great family from the St. Michael area.  They ended up taking him home for a while but, that is ok.  It is a little different only counting to 8 right now but, I won’t have to for long.  He should be home tomorrow.  Ace, Mini, and SoBe got retreives today.  Ace did great and his delivery was good; I am very pleased with it.  Mini and SoBe did awesome as usual.  The girls love the excerise; I need to find a piece of private land to train on because the public ones are closed until July and I really want to “run” them.