Well, finally the weather is deciding to cooperate with my training.  No more 10 inches of snow one day and 60 degrees the other.  I do have to say that the now consistent mother nature has run into not being able to train on public hunting grounds so….I need to find some private around by my house so I can get some real training done.  Mini and SoBe did great today.  I gave them buoy retrieves; rapid retrievers I should say.  They loved it and did not make a sound.  Good for me.  The other dogs are enjoying the sunny weather and can be found basking in the sun shine.  Their crates still get cleaned and disinfected everyday…..still need to vacuum everyday as well but, that is part of having 8 dogs in the house.  Maddie Sue went home and I think that I am having another visitor come and stay with me this next week.  I was planning on training in the cities on Thursday but, it looks like I am going to pick up a shift for a fellow co worker.  I will have to wait until next week I guess.  Tia, I miss you.