Mini with me in the officeOnly in Minnesota can the weather change from 52 degrees to complete whiteout the next day. I took the opportunity today knowing that it was going to snow all day and gave all the dogs a bath. It needed to be done; they were getting dusty with all the mud in the yard. So, they all sat in crates today with an extra heater and dried while it snowed and snowed and snowed. I think that I am going to have to give them baths once a week until everything completely dries out…or I should say if summer/ warm spring ever comes. I feel that all these warm gorgeous days are just a tease from mother nature; enough already ma nature; let the grass and fields get green and the trees budding! The dogs are all nice and soft and smell great; I do have to say I had about 2 gallons of water on my bathroom floor and an inch of dirt in the tub but in the end it was worth it! Training today in the snowy conditions was frustrating. Mini and SoBe did not preform to their expected level; we were working on “backs” and, I got frustrated…when that happens the best thing to do is to quit and put the dog away. Nothing comes from trying to train frustrated or upset. So, Mini and SoBe did not get that much time to train today. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Trixie and Tyrael are out in their usual places. Trixie has itched every surface of her Trixie chilling on the futon in the officebody on the carpeted floor; it looks like her fur is surfing on the brown wave which is the office carpet. She then went to go snuggle on the futon. Tyrael is roaming the house and is counter surfing for anything tasty in the kitchen, but no luck so, he is chilling in here with me and Mini. Mini is all curled up by my feet sleeping. None of the other dogs wanted to get out of their crates. They gave me the leave me alone I am tired look so, I did.