I miss my puppies!  The house is so quite and there is no puppy paws to clean off of anything.  I did get a couple updates from families that welcomed new puppies into their families.  I recieved a great phone call from Swamp Water’s Family ( her name is now Lady Jenna).  They said that she was doing great and were enjoying having her.  I love to hear from the families that did purchase dogs so, please write me or call me.  I would especailly love to hear what you all named them and how the transition is going from my home to yours.  I also recieved a message from Pina Coladas family in the cities.  They said that she is doing great…I believe that they named her Indy.  Please keep me up to date.  Send pictures!  I will add them to the online photo album on the website.  Don’t forget to use your whistles and all the fun advice.  If you want your dog to hunt please train them!  Don’t expect to put them down in the field this fall and have them go….I mean there is A LOT of natural talent but still even the most naturally talented athletes need to train some.  I decided to keep in touch with Harvest Hunters Springer owners that I am going to send out birthday cards to the dogs on their birthdays.  I think people will get a kick out of it and will encourage them to write/ stay in contact.