My yard is a mud pit and I hear we are suppose to get more snow!!  I am so ready for the snow to be done and the grass to be green.  It is starting to turn green now but of course more snow.  I want everything to dry out.  I spend an hour everyday washing, scrubbing, vacuuming, disinfecting their dog room and kennels.  They are all going to get baths this week.  They are all sooooo muddy and muddy turns into dusty.  Mini and SoBe did great out in the field this morning.  I ran them and gave them retrieves.  SoBe listened very well and her control is coming along as well as her response to the whistle.  Mini did not bark which I was having problems with but not today.  I am waiting for pills from a vet in the cities to get her out of her false pregnancy that has her hormonal and barking.  Trixie and Tyrael were out and were sleeping in their normal places in the house.  Tyrael and the top step and Trixie in the office on the futon.  She was all snuggled in and was not moving for anything.  Maddie Sue ( Mini x Sonny puppy) has been a joy to have; I know that I need to return her but, I would really like to keep her!!  All the other dogs have been enjoying the warm weather.