Well, the house is empty. It took a little getting use to and a little sad. Slammer (liver & white, Trixie) and Spritzer (liver & white, Kahlua) went together to a great home in Winstead. They surprised me by wanting Slammer as well when they came to pick Spritzer up. The whole family came. I know that the boys are going to have a blast and that the family is in for an adventure. Pink Lady (liver & white, Trixie) went to a great family in Maple Grove.  They have a Springer already named Sophie so, I know that Pink Lady will not be lonely.  I guess that is always my concern; that the puppies will be lonely when they go to their new homes.  I will have to say that this time around I did not feel that way with any of the families that bought a puppy/puppies.

There is some advice that I would like to extend to the families who just welcomed home a new Harvest Hunters Springer:
-Please watch them when they are out playing; make sure to learn their potty signs so potty training can go well; every puppy is a little different so, pay attention.
-Make sure to keep up the retreiving.  Make sure to make it fun .  The babies really only need3 to 4 retrieves a day.  Remember it is all in consistency.
-Make the rattles (water bottle with pennies in it)  this will re assure that they will not be gun shy because the toy is very loud.  Loud noises/ toys help them with not being gun shy down the road.
-DO NOT give them squeak toys; this encourages them to have a hard mouth.  This can occur with the squeak toys because every time they bite down they get a reward from the squeak.  Take the squeaker out or puncture it in the toy.
-Consistency is the key to a puppy/ dog.  If you do not want the dog to do it when it is grown up then do not let the puppy do it.  Dogs/ puppies are a reflection of their handlers/ owners.  This puppy is mold able/ pliable.  They are putty in your hands so mold them to how you want them to be / act.
-A schedule is very important and it will help with training, eating, and potty training.  Stay again consistent.
-Get the book “Hup” by James B Spencer.  There is a lot of good advice/ training information in the book.
-Keep in touch with me and Tim.  We will help you anyway we can.  You can utilize your relationship with us anyway you would like.  Just remember we are not mind readers so, if you are having problems we can’t help you unless you communicate with us.
-Keep checking the website; I will have lots of more information and advice for you over the next couple months.

Let me know what you named your new puppy; I would love to know so, I can update my files for the future.  I hope to see you all at the Game Fair this summer.  I will be sending out mailers with information regarding the Game Fair.  Stay in touch!