Nothing new happened today.  The weather was great and the yard looks like a moster truck course.  It was in the 40’s today.  The dogs crates look like a mud pit so, I spent most of the day keeping them clean.  I mopped and vaccummed a bunch today; it is enevitable with spring coming.  The puppies were outside most of the day and while I slept they played on the kitchen floor.  They got baths this morning.  Mini slept with me today.  Maddie Sue did ok on her walk “hupping”.  She did good with retreives; I took her out to a big field and she loved it!  Mini and SoBe played in the snow out in the field; I let them run for a bit before their training.  The snow is finally melting…I am excited to get rid of the white stuff.  It will make training easier and the birds will fly better. 

I would like to recommend some reading for you who bought a new puppy the book “Hup” by James Spencer.  The book is full of wonderful information and great knowledge.