On the way home from work this morning I saw a group of 30 pheasants in the field.  They looked great; very colorful.  There was both hens and roosters.  The puppies got baths this morning and did a great job of behaving.  They played in the kitchen most of the day while I slept.  They are so rambunctious; you would think that they would not be as noisy now that there is only 3 but, not so much.  Their little teeth are so sharp; they are like little needles.  The puppies are at the age were they want to tug and play with pant legs which, is all fine until you take a face plant to the floor because you tripped over one of them.  Slammer( liver & white, Trixie) loves to carry around his rattle.  He runs and it makes all kinds of noise.  Pink Lady (liver & white, Trixie) has a new game.  She crawls up on the bottom stair and then launches herself like a big fuzzy bullet on top of Spritzer (liver & white, Kahlua).  She waits for him; it is so funny.  I feel sorry for the little guy.  Maddie Sue is doing great; I clipped her nails.  We are working on her “hups” and comes.  Mini and SoBe gots lots of exercise today.  They did retrieves and got to run in the field for as long as they wanted.  The weather was great today; it was in the 40’s.  The only bad thing is that everything is melting and making a muddy mess also making it very difficult to keep the dogs clean.  When they get up out of their crates there is a little beach waiting for me to vacuum up. Everyday crates and the floor get washed as cleaned.