Last night I had friends over.  Andy played with Slammer last night, it was cute; Andy laid on the ground and the puppy played with him.  I should of taken a picture.  The puppies had their schedule mixed up a little last night because, I was up until 4 am trying to get my sleep schedule back for working nights so, essentially they were up all last night as well.  Today I got a wonderful call from the owners of Lady Jenna (formerly Swamp Water) they said that she was doing great and are so pleased and ecstatic with her. I am so happy that they lover her and are having such a good time with her.  I love to hear from people that have bought dogs and, I especially love to hear that the new puppies are settling into their new homes.  Stinger (liver & white, Trixie) went to his new home today.  He went to a gentleman that just lost his Springer not to long ago expectantly.  I think the new puppy will give him something positive to focus on; plus it is always awesome when you get a new puppy/ member of the family.  I have one puppy left to sell so, keep your fingures crossed.