Well, today was busy!  The puppies received baths by Tim this morning.  A family from souther Minnesota came and picked up Cosmopolitan (liver & white, Trixie) this morning.  They already had a name for her…Daisy.  I think that it fits her perfectly!  A gentleman from the St. Cloud area came a got 2 puppies: Gin Fizz (black & white, Kahlua) and Gin Rickey (black & white, Kahlua).  I know that he is going to be very happy with them.  It sounds like he is an avid hunter who, will be taking the boys out to South Dakota this coming hunting season….I am jealous! Talk bout getting them intot he birds right away!  I also sold Martini (liver & white, Kahlua) today to a great family from the Nisswa area; they have small children.  I think that they made the right pick; they named her Annabell.  I think that is a precious name.  She is going to be a great hunter along with all the rest of them.  Maddie Sue is here with me while I type.  She is having a fit in front of the mirror.  I worked on “hups” with her along with comes (trill on the whistle) she is doing great.  I am building the base of yard work and commands that she will need in the field.  Mini and SoBe are still in heat and are still a little irritated with me because they are in crates in the kitchen.  I trained them today and they did great.  Just a little whining from Mini but other wise all is good.  Mini has the habit of wanting to eat snow while we train; it gets a little frustrating but, what can I do?  I know that she is not thirsty; she just likes to eat snow.  The puppies played in the fresh snow today.  Slammer (liver & white, Trixie) stretched out and laid down and started to eat the fresh flakes….it was adorable (I know everything puppies do is cute but, this was especially cute).  Stinger (liver & white, Trixie) got lots of play time in the living room this morning.  I see that my couch did not make it with out a  “battle wound” but, that is my fault I was not paying attention to what they were doing under the couch while I was talking.  It still amazes me that with all the room that they have in the kitchen and the living room they chose to sleep right on top of each other….I know it is a security thing but still, I think that it would get hot.  I can’t wait until spring gets here…I am tired of the snow and using four wheel drive!  I know the dogs love to play in it but enough is enough; bring on the sun and green fields.  Remember those of you that just added the newest member of your family……You must watch them and if you don’t put them away or they will go pee in a corner and you will not find it until it is to late!  You have to catch them in the act or scolding them afterwards does no good.  Pay attention to their potty signs…they all have them!!  Also remember they need to go out as soon as they wake up from a nap or for the day and also right after they drink and eat.  Their bladders and tummys are small.  Keeping them on a potty schedule will help as well.  Don’t let puppy out of your sight until you can trust them!