Tim and I had our cousin Sean over today.  He played with the puppies and the big dogs.  He is a dog lover.  The puppies received lots of extra attention from him.  The puppies were outside most of the day; it was nice out.  They got a little deterred from their schedule but, that is ok.  We worked on individual retrieves (pheasant wing) with the babies.  Pink Lady (liver & white, Trixie), Martini (liver & white, Kahlua), and Slammer (liver & white, Trixie) all did excellent.  Martini brought the wing right back and so did Slammer; it was great!  A little tear came to my eye.  The others did good.  I trained Mini and SoBe on “backs” today.  I gave SoBe some rapid retrieves…over and over again throws to really gave her a good work out.  I worked with Maddie Sue today.  I gave her some retrieves with a frozen pigeon; she tried eating it a little but, I put a stop to that.  I also worked with her in the house on “hupping” on the whistle and, coming to me on a whistle trill.  She picked that up real fast.  She is a very intelligent dog!  We will work more tomorrow. I hope that all the new puppies in their new homes did not have too rough of night; let me know I would love to hear!