Whoosh!!!  The wind today has been rocking the house back and forth all day, wow!  The puppies were in and out all day.  There is 11 of them left and the tote that they get carried in to go outside is getting lighter.  The babies roll and play on the kitchen floor.  Dreamy (liver & white, Trixie) is a cutie and is into everything; very curious.  Jelly Bean (liver & white, Trixie) likes to play hard with Pink Lady (liver & white, Trixie).  The boy puppies all love to chase and retrieve the toys we have down for them on the kitchen floor.  Gin Rickey (black & white, Kahlua) lets us know what he wants and now; very smart little boy.  Last night Tim had Trixie, Tyrael, and Kahlua sleep with him while I was at work.  Tonight is my last night in a long stretch of nights I have worked.  I will have a bunch of time off before I go back again.  Tim and I are getting ready for him to leave for 6 months of active Army; he is a Lieutenant.  Mini and SoBe got lots of exercise today.  They both did retrieves; I do have to say that they did not want to be out in the wind very long and after a while they both jumped back into their crates in the Jeep.