Well, I am back from Mayo Clinic.  It was a very frustrating visit and I need to go back a couple more times.  Tim held down the fort while I was gone and did a great job!  The puppies are now going to their homes. Three left today; Gin Tonic (liver & white, Kahlua), Pina Colada (black & white, Kahlua), and Rumrunner (black & white Kahlua).  The babies got baths yesterday in the big tub and loved it.  The water was just the right depth to where they could swim/ stand in it.  They spent a good 15 minutes wrestling in the water with each other.  The potty training is going great.  They let us know when they have to go outside for the bathroom.  Yesterday and today Tim and I gave the puppies “rattles” to play with.  Rattles are plastic bottles with coins in them that make a lot of noise!  We also gave them cans to chase around which made a lot of noise….it sounds like a war zone in the kitchen but, the good news is that every puppy did not shy away from the noise.  They were in hot pursuit of the loud toys; it was great.  They love pigeons; we throw them for the babies and they go a chasing! SoBe and Mini are still in heat and are getting lots of exercise.  Retrieves and  “backs”.  The snow is melting and it is getting easier for the girls to run through the snow.  The boys have been sleeping with Tim while I was gone and have been enjoying my absence.  Enjoy the warm weather; it sounds like it will disappear for a couple of days this week.