The puppies spent most of this wonderful day outside in their pen. Tim put a plastic dog house out for them and they played and slept and played some more all day. The temperature was perfect; it was around 40 degrees today. The puppies right now are getting a little snack before they go to bed. Each puppy is displaying his/her own personality. Gin Rickey (black & white, Kahlua), Pink Lady (liver & white, Trixie) and Pina Colada (black & white, Kahlua) played and chased the new water bottle I put on the floor for a good 5 minutes. Spritzer (liver & white, Kahlua) fell asleep in the food bowl. Dreamsicle (liver & white, Trixie) and Jelly Bean (liver & white, Trixie) played hard with each other today. The babies play hard and loud with out a care in the world. Tim slept with the four boys: Ace, Baker, Jimmy, Tyrael, last night while I was at work. Trixie, Kahlua, Mini, and SoBe were out with me tonight.  Tim gave Trixie, Tyrael, and Shae baths today.  I trained out in the field today with SoBe and Mini. They enjoyed being out there. The snow is still very deep in some places so, it made running a little difficult for the girls. The snow provides enough resistance to give the girls a good workout/ training session. I need to work off all that pent up energy they have right now because they are couped up in their crates in the kitchen due to them being in heat. I am going to work again tonight so, it will be interesting to see which dogs fly down the stairs to greet me in the morning. I hope everyone was able to enjoy the wonderful weather!