The puppies are now a little over 6 weeks old.  We had friends over last night that played with the puppies.  Swamp Water (liver & white, Trixie) decided to tinkle on one of our friends; what do you do?  The puppies spent more time outside today; the weather was gorgeous.  They did good with the potty training.  We are weening them off the mommas; as so as that happens it will be even easier with the potty training.  The rest of the day the babies played in the kitchen on the floor.  They wrestle each other and now you can tell when one of the puppies get the others ear; they scream bloody murder.  Tim placed ads in the papers today; I have 7 more to sell so, wish me luck!  I trained today.  Mini and SoBe did great and loved being out in the sun.  They are a little couped up in the kitchen because they are in heat.  Tim and I try to give them as much exercise as possible while still keeping them separated from the boy dogs.  Trixie and SoBe are here with me right now playing with each other.  SoBe still acts like a puppy some days; she is trilled when someone (a dog) will play with her.  I have to go to work tonight at the hospital so, I slept most of the day; at least I tried.  It is a little hard with all of the noise the puppies make but that is ok.  I hope that you all got a chance to be out in the wonderful weather.  I know that I am jealous of the guys that trained dogs today in Montgomery at Bill’s.