“Every newborn puppy is a storybook waiting to be opened and read by an appreciative person,” James B Spencer; Gun Dog Vol. 27, No. 2.

Just to note that the issue of Gun Dog this month Vol. 27, No.2; is a great issue and you should all think about reading it.  It has lots of information about picking out a puppy and extensive articles on Springer Spaniels; I feel that it is worth purchasing.

The puppies spent a large amount of time outside today; the weather was so warm. They played in their outside pen and enjoyed the snow and the sunlight. The babies have their winter coats so, they did not get too cold. I am so happy that the weather has warmed up; it makes Tim and my jobs easier when it come to providing care for the puppies. When the babies were not outside they were playing on the kitchen floor with all of their toys. I must say that they definitely enjoy the pigeons and pheasant wings the most. The potty training is going well; not to many accidents today. Like Chuck Nelson says, “Progression not Perfection.” The “rattle” that Tim made for them can be heard from anywhere in the house; the noise makes my jump when I am not expecting it. Swamp Water (liver & white, Trixie) is so cute, she lets you know what is on her mind. Gin Tonic (liver & white, Kahlua) is a little spit fire; he is full of puppy energy and enjoys chasing his siblings around. All of the puppies are in their, “I want to follow you,” stage so, anywhere Tim and I walk or another dog walks we have 14 little bodies following us; I must say it can get a bit annoying and, I know that the big dogs find it very irritating. The big dogs have enjoyed the warm weather as well; they have been out running and playing most of the day in the sun. I did catch Trixie and Tyrael sunbathing on top of one of the many doghouses in the yard. I trained today and it was wonderful. Not to cold not to warm (you know where you have all your gear on and you sweat buckets). The snow was fluffy and Mini and SoBe got a good workout running through it. I gave Mini more retrieves than SoBe today; I thought she needed a little bit more excerise. SoBe did great today; she had a lot of fun in the snow. Both of the girls are in heat so, they are my responsibility until they come out which, I might add, is rightfully so. I hope that you all enjoy the nice weather today; so sledding, perfect day to do it!