Tim and Pina Colada playing in the chairSpritzer (liver & white, Kahlua) has mastered climbing the stairs; he is a pro. Last night he snuggled with me in bed for a while. Pina Colada (black & white, Kahlua) has also entered the pro stair climbing club too last night. Tim and her played last night; it was so cute. He had her on his shoulders when he was sitting in the rocking chair; she decided to pull and tug at his hair and lick his face. It was priceless. Tim also has the habit of putting puppies in his sweatshirt pocket and leaving them there. They snuggle in and fall asleep and, when they wake up they stick their little head out and enjoy the ride; very cute. Kahlua tries extremely hard to play with the puppies; she wants to roll and chase them but they are still a little to small to really get into it; another week and it will be their cup of tea. Today all of the puppies have mastered the stairs so, Tim bought another baby gate to keep the corralled in the kitchen. I have been sick most of the day sleeping. The babies spent all of the day tormenting each other on the kitchen floor. Ace, Baker, Mini, Jimmy where out with us today. Stay warm and try not to get a cold!