It is really cold out….holy buckets!!   Tim and I took the puppies to the vet for their 6 week shots and check up.  Everything was great!  We also got supplies for our other dogs.  After we got home Tim and I gave our older dogs their Vangard Boosters, dewormer, and Heartguard medication.  Baby Brooke got her rabies shot as well. The puppies are doing great with potty training; only one little accident at the vets office (H & H Vet).  So, everyone is now on the same shot schedule and Heartguard schedule.  Tim put a big comfy comforter in their kennel for them and they are loving it.  The puppies spend most of the day sleeping in a big pile in the middle of the kitchen floor.  I do have to say they deserve the break after all the LOUD playing they do.  Wow, they are so rambunctious.  Like I said before, I love all the noise in my house; it will be very lonely when there is no puppies sounds anymore and Tim gone.  Tim is leaving right when the puppies are ready to go home so, I have two count downs: one when Tim leaves and the other when the babies go to their new homes.  Either way my house will be very quite at the end of the count downs.  Tim and I had all the dogs out with us the other night.  Trixie, SoBe and Mini all slept with us.  They do a great job of keeping us warm in bed.  I did not train today; I worked at the hospital and had no time because we went straight to the vets.  Plus, I might add, it is really COLD outside, if I would not go out in it I don’t expect my dogs to train in it.  I hope it gets warmer soon; I am getting stir crazy!  Bundle up; It is COLD!