Happy Presidents Day; who is your favorite President?

Wow, the puppies make quite the swarm of teeth and fur when you walk into the kitchen.  They are at that age were everything goes in their mouth including the hose to my refrigerator.  They managed to bite a hole into the hose that runs water to my ice maker.  I have never had a litter do that before; it must of looked enticing.  Potty training went better today.  I had only a couple of accidents which is my fault; I am just not quick enough.  The puppies have learned that when they are in their crate that if they cry and have to go potty we take them out.  They are getting so smart.  I am excited that they are growing so fast and that their social development is on track!  It is extremely cold outside so, I put them out just long enough for me to count 14 little puddles and then they come in.  I did not train today, way to cold and the wind is blowing fast; at times during the day it was whiteout.