The length of a springers tail is important. It can tell you a lot about the dog. If it is short and stumpy it means that it is a bench cut dog. Bench cut dogs are the ones that you see in dog shows like The Westminister Kennel Show.  If it is a long tail that means that it is a field cut dog; it is bred to hunt and work in the field.  My dogs are field cut dogs with long tails and, hopefully with a little white tip on the end.  The tail tels you a lot about what the dog is feeling and what they are thinking.  For example if a dog has its tail in between its legs it might be scared, unsure, or uncomfortable.  When a dog has its tail up and wagging it might be happy, comfortable, and self assured.  When out in the field you will learn to read your dogs “tail talk.”  You will know when it is working a bird or excited or frightened.  It is important to pay attention to your dog and its tail when in new situations so you know how the dog is reacting.  Every dog is different but, all remains the same, their tails convey their emotions and thoughts so, pay attention!